Close your eyes and picture this.

Being held in a box the size of a parking space. Being fed through a slot in a door. Being washed down a couple times a week. Rarely having contact with another human outside of your cellmate and no contact with family. Being let outside occasionally yet into another small cage. Sounds like a zoo, doesn't it? WRONG! It's the living conditions for many who are incarcerated and placed in solitary confinement. How would you like to find out that your loved one who is incarcerated is being treated that way? OR finding out that your loved one is critically ill and unable to receive healthcare causing them to unnecessarily suffer in pain or be permanently disabled. Believe it or not, these atrocities ARE taking place in our correctional facilities statewide and they not only violate human rights, but they violate constitutional rights.

We are doing this podcast to reveal the awful truth about conditions and issues within the broken criminal system in the state of Maryland and to being awareness to the negative impact these conditions bring to our communities.

Those who are incarcerated, in most cases, are being disciplined for the wrongs that they committed against society, most of them are incarcerated for non-violent offenses. Thus, when a judge remands someone to a period of confinement, nowhere does it say that they have to endure torture and abuse, or have their human dignity stripped from them.

The movement is growing for reform and this is your chance to get involved. Take the time to listen to what is actually happening and not what authorities want you to believe or what societal judgement has taught people to believe. Join me, Mike Gerlach and my co-host, Julie Magers, in our quest to bring awareness and advocate for changes in the system, so that these citizens in the shadows of the concrete veil are not treated like they are human flotsam and jetsam any longer.